Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rag rugging

Today I went to a Children's Centre for a session on making rag rugs. There are many different ways to make a rag rug and many tools to do this with but I kept things simple by demonstrating the "proddy technique". You need hessian or burlap and lots (hundreds) of rectangles of fabric cut from recycled clothing. I love this technique because I can use up stretchy t-shirts and pajamas. 
This lime green and turquoise was looking stunning by the end of the session
This was pastel t-shirts
A pretty pink one
Sometimes the "work" camera goes a bit fuzzy!
This rug was being formed from an old cotton baby blanket rather than hessian.

It was a very good, busy session. Next week I am teaching the ladies how to dye with procion dyes.


  1. I've been fancying doing this for years and have never got round to it. Looks like a useful project for picking up and putting down.

  2. I like the baby blanket idea,

    1. That worked really well. I have an old one here from Luke and now want to use it with cut up pajamas.

  3. This is a great idea. How does it stay put and what does it look like on the back?
    Love your new location too.
    Best of luck with it all.

  4. Great idea. How does the fabric stay put?
    Lovely new location too.
    Best of luck with the new venture.


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