Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Stitching for Texture

The Stitch for Texture workshop is full and I have added another day on Saturday 7th July 2012. This will be at Unique Cottage Studios in Spalding Lincolnshire.
This workshop is suitable for all levels and you learn about how stitch can create texture within your work. Please contact me via the website if you are interested. I already have had some bookings so I would love to see you. I will be adding more workshops on my newsletter. If you would like to sign up just click here.


  1. I am very tempted Angela.....I have committed myself to a lot of stuff in June and July so I'll have a think....... Glad the class is going well :)

  2. What an interesting site. I had a notification to say you are following me on Twitter. Sorry not much happening for me over there I'm afraid. But it led me to your blog. How great is that? Dyeing is something I want to try again. So it's great to find you. You may just be the inspiration I need to get me started.


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