Friday, 17 February 2012

Snow Dye Results

As promised some results from last weeks snow dyeing. The purple gave me much more markings and texture than the green one. The pot had more snow and I let it freeze overnight once the dye had been poured over.
The fabric was packed quite tightly into the container.
 The green although a nice colour gave only a pale texture. I know at the time that there was not enough snow to hold in the dye and I left this one inside. I think this will be over-dyed at some point.
This was the view from my bedroom window this morning. I took the photo through glass so all the different shades of green were much more vibrant than this shows. It was a quick run for the sketchbook to try and get everything down.

Finally I will be making an exciting announcement about this place very soon.


  1. Lovely snow dyeing results Angela and my mind is racing about what your announcement about that awesome building is going to be, I love it and know what I'd like it to be!!

  2. Great results from the snow dyeing. I love the view across the fields, it brings back such fond memories from my child hood, our view was so similar.

  3. Impressive results Angela. I think I may know what's coming ;-) Looking forward to it.

  4. oh dear, I've already let the cat out of the bag on my blog Angela....but it's OK now isn't it?!


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