Sunday, 11 April 2010

City & Guilds

Well, I have been painting dragon fruits in a variety of poses. I have decide to be brave and show this one. I now have lots of ideas for a 3D sculpture/item so am frantically getting it all down in my sketchbook. My ideas were helped by these goodies arriving from Crafty Notions.

Lots of interesting thinsg to try including wire ribbon, moulding mesh and some Grilion thread. This is suppose to react to heat and is many used by embroiderers' to get more texture into their work. I have been told that it is featured in this months Stitch magazine so I must look out for that. If you have used it and have any hints and tips, please let me know.

This is the paint stick sample I have just submitted. I decided to just keep things simple, green quilting onto black cotton then green paint stick over the top! It was hard to get a good photo though, no flash made it blurry, flash made it look to over exposed. This is the back,
Its not my best work but given my time scale will tick boxes. Off to have Sunday roast (of the nut variety) now.


  1. Well done for the painting Angela, I can see how the ideas will be flowing with that fantastic shape. Sorry I haven't used the moulding mesh. I think Maggie Grey has.

  2. I just bought a dragon fruit today. Its the first time i have seen one and had to get it. They look so pretty. Cant wait to see your 3d sculpture.

  3. I love the dragon fruit,they are inspirational with there superb shape and colours,sorry never used the mesh.

  4. Lovely drawing Angela! Looks like your post is much more interesting than mine. I have been a silly billy and mis-placed your address. This has added to the looongg delay in sending your ATC card. Very sorry about that, when you get a chance would you mind emailling it again as it is ready to go.
    Best wshes

  5. Hi Angela,
    Just thought you might like to know that I posted about the lovely bag, fabric and bracelet you sent me. I really do enjoy wearing the bracelet - the beads are gorgeous in it.
    Thanks so much for the beautiful giveaway prize.


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