Thursday, 8 April 2010

Room with a view

I will hold my hand up and admit to being a bad blogger of late. There are too many reasons for this but my specific excuse for the past ten days are that I have been ill and DH (who is never ill) has been very ill to the point that he was nearly admitted to hospital. Still he has a diagnosis now and is responding to medication so ..............

Let me take you back ten days to when I taught at the Quilters Guild AGM and conference, this was the view from the windows of the room I taught in-

It was such a fantastic view across a lake and the beach and sea were just beyond that. The view didn't distract from lots of hard work within the room. On the Friday I was there we had a group of textile students in. I always find it inspiring to work with young people as they will try anything and take things that I have prepared to another level. Saturday and Sunday were taken up with workshops for the young quilters. I have to admit that my son won a trophy for his quilt "At the end of the day" For this he learnt to free machine quilt.

I think the day will come very quickly though when he will not want to sew (he is 12). Thank you Ferret for encouraging him and telling him that Ricky Tims once won enough to pay for two Harley Davidson's.

On a personal create level, I have been doing lots of paper work tasks. I have finally finished my Quilt History project (going back 200 years) over Easter and have been doing lots of 3D sketches and paintings of dragon fruit. I am too embarrassed to show my work as I haven't done any serious painting in a long time. This work will inspire me to make a 3D bag or vessel, at least that is what I keep telling myself. I need to go and finish a markal paint stick sample so I will post photos of this tomorrow. It's so nice to move out of my sprout/cabbage period and move onto dragon fruits, at least I get a bit of girly pink.


  1. So sorry to hear you've been ill Angela and your poor hubby too but glad to hear DH is improving. What a horrible scare for you both. Well done to your son for his trophy :o)

  2. Hope you're both on the mend now! And congratulations to your son - a well deserved award: it's an amazing quilt.


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