Friday, 16 April 2010

Stitching, visiting and antibiotics

Yesterday morning I went down to Unique Cottage Farm Studio for the monthly textile group. I love going down there as often as I can because there are spinners, quilters, embroiderers, mixed media artists but everyone has a love of fibres and is happy to share techniques. These tulips caught my eye as a sign of a belated Spring

I meet up with a lovely lady called Sarah who had done a workshop with me last year. Have a look at what she used her fabrics for -

Isn't it fantastic, I threatened to slip it off her chair and take it home with me. She has stitched so much detail into it and also made the knotted fabric buttons.

I went back home to play monopoly and try and be domesticated before going out in the evening. I went round to see a friend who lives quite close to me but we haven't had a catch up since before Christmas. We ate chocolate cake, drank tea and had a relaxing time. She also sorted out my knitting so my aim is to finish it this year (don't ask when I started).

I came home feeling really tired, at ten o'clock I said I was leaving then we chatted for another hour! If you are wondering about the antibiotic in the title well, today feeling very rough again and with a serious pain in my left chest I took myself off to the doctor. I wasn't expecting more antibiotics, chest x-ray and a diagnosis of pleurisy. With DH being so ill as well, we have spent over £30 on prescriptions this month. I'm not sure if it is psychosomatic but I am now feeling very sorry for myself and need to eat Green and Blacks white organic chocolate to cheer me up. It's a bad time for me to be ill though as I have several teaching days booked in for next week and I must finish my journal quilts.


  1. That coat is lovely. Reminds me of some patches Martine is doing for her Bluemoon coat. Do you know her? (

  2. Arent those tulips just beautiful ? I do hope the antibiotics kick in soon and you begin to feel better quite soon Jan xx,

  3. nice tulips ,chinup girl see you sunday

  4. Hi,
    OOOOH Plurisy can be very nasty so take care of yourself and if you do not feel better soon do go back to the Doctor. These things alwas crop up at the worst time don't they? Hope you feel better soon.
    Great use of fabric to make the jacket.

  5. Look after yourself Angela. Your body is telling you to slow down I think. Hope you start to feel much better soon and I hope your DH is improving. Send out for chocolate!

  6. Fabulous jacket Sara! Where can I buy one!


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