Thursday, 9 September 2010

Blast from the past

A few weeks ago my parents had to clear out their loft as they are getting free insulation. Lots of "treasures" and junk emerged, some that must have been up there for 35+ years. Lots of stuff appeared to be mine which I had to bring home including this evidence that I have always liked to do crafty things. DS2 has claimed the weaving looms and has already started to do some..

This was found in an old box and I completed this at Junior School so I was probably about 9 or 10. Interestingly my favourite colour scheme doesn't seem to have changed in about 30 years! I have no recollection of doing this piece though.

These things brought back lots of memories and DH and I got onto the subject of our favourite TV programmes. We were brought up on opposite sides of the country but DH never saw my favourite programme which was called "White Horses". Thanks to YouTube I can bring you the theme tune (hopefully you should be able to click below and hear the theme tune) If you remember this, please let me know as I can't find anyone who does.


  1. Such precious memories. I'd never really thought about it but I think my tastes in colour have remained the same too. The lace kit looks interesting.

  2. I would love that weaving kit now ;) Yes, I remember this programme too and especially the theme tune. Could even remember some of the words!

  3. I remembered all the words to White horses with no difficulties at all but cannot remember the programme. Most odd!

  4. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog a few days agao, I've just got back from Germany ( an hour ago) so I thought I'd better let you know that Knit Nottingham is at the town end of mansfield road, about 5 mins walk from Victoria Centre :-)


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