Friday, 3 September 2010

Show and Tell

Well, despite travelling around the country this Summer I have been able to do some stitchy/crafty things as well as my City and Guilds work and making jams, chutneys from our various garden produce. This post is a bit photo heavy so sit back and enjoy. This little angel was made for a friend who has moved down to North London as she and her husband are Territorial Officers in the Salvation Army.

Way back at the start of the summer holidays Emma over at A little bit of everything was invited people to celebrate her 50th birthday with her, she sent out 50 postcards and you just had to send one in return. I was lucky enough to get place number 50. Above is the postcard Emma sent me and below the postcard made for her (I think you can click to enlarge them).

Below some of the City and Guilds stuff I have been working on over the holidays, pages and samples from my sketchbooks.

This small quilt wasn't anything to do with my City & Guilds. It was called "Daisy Chain" and was initially juried into the Quilters Guild Exhibition at Rufford Country Park. Unfortunately it didn't actually make it to the exhibition as it was felt it was a bit on the small side. It is made of all recycled things, a recycled sheet which was monoprinted and plastic bags were used to make the actual flowers.


  1. Lots of lovely work Angela. Are those white kites? if not you've given me an idea :)

    Have you got Tina's mobile phone number? If so could you please email it to me. I need to get in touch with her about this month's Academy Quilters meeting. Many thanks :)

  2. I LOVE the quilt of the field! How busy you have been. Where do you find the time? Do you stay up late? I ask because I have terribly sleeping kids, I go to bed at 10 most nights, knowing I will be woken!

  3. I love the Postcards and the Poem on the back about getting old. And I think the Daisy quilt is lovely


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