Monday, 20 September 2010

Pinwheel progress

Just finished the blocks for this "quick" quilt. I now need to press the blocks, stitch together, quilt and bind. The blocks are a bright white with white flowers and a yellow which has roses all over, it looks dark on the shade of my rug but you can see more detail below.


  1. 'Quick'? I don't think so! It's lovely :)

  2. Oh that looks lovely and summery.
    Will your Guild exhibit at the 'Quilts at the Cathederal next month. I hope I can go

  3. Such accuracy! Look at those points meeting....truly amazing!!

  4. I keep trying to post but blogger won't let me! So you may get 3 postings from me or none....I just wanted to say that I thought your piecing was amazing...such accuracy!


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