Monday, 6 September 2010

Good news/bad news + half square triangles

Today on the east coast of England we had a sunny day. The predicted heavy rain has arrived tonight though. DS2 started back school today and went off fairly happily when his taxi came at 7.30am. DS doesn't start back until Wednesday so we decided to continue with our efforts to do some major pruning. DS is a very accomplished scout and loves a good bonfire. I have to admit that he is very sensible (even though I still want to treat him a like a small boy). He got the bonfire going and started burning prickly stuff whilst I continued pruning. I decided to speed things up a little and went to fetch the electric hedge trimmer. It is much lighter than the petrol so feeling positive I started cutting, DS collecting the fallen branches/leaves for the bonfire. I cleared about a 6 metre stretch when it stopped working,. After realising what the problem was I phoned DH and asked which news he wanted -

Good news - I am still alive
Bad news - (have you guessed?) I cut through the electric cable.

DH was very understanding and  is now preparing to fix the join safely so hopefully if the weather improves by this weekend I can finish the job.

On a more calm note I am resurrecting my love affair with half square triangle blocks. I have been asked to make a small quilt for my Aunt and Uncle's Golden wedding anniversary. The theory was that this would be completed after my City & Guilds course, the reality is a little different. I have started to make these though. more progress soon...


  1. Very glad you survived. Please! Get a circuit breaker for next time. :)

  2. I did that too about 2 years ago. Fortunately I had a circuit breaker and was just puzzled at why the hedge trimmer had stopped working. When I realized I thought how lucky I was. I still think it as the alternatives are awful!! So glad you're ok :))

  3. Yes, I've done it too! So easy, right?
    Glad you are ok!

    The golden half squares is a brill idea :o)

  4. oooh! Be careful! I must admit, as our garden is long and thin , I have insisted on petrol everything, as both husband and I are completely cack handed, and I could just see us blowing ourselves up with cables.


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