Sunday, 19 September 2010

Frustrating Friday

Friday was a potential supply teaching day. I'm available and I wait for the call, by 8.30am I am fairly sure that the day is my own and I will not have to go into school. As I have a large "TO DO" list I prioritised and made another list which included -

  • Washing some clothes (or throw clothes into the machine and leave)
  • Sewing my half square units together into blocks
  • Sewing samples into my sketchbook
  • Sewing some binding onto class samples
  • Continue updating my website
  • Replay to about 12 e-mails
  • Send out some workshop requirement lists
Think what all these things have in common, have you guessed?? Try electricity and I'm sure you will figure out what happened next. 

Feeling very smug and organised I set to not expecting the electricity to go off at 9.30am (didn't plan for this). By lunchtime still no electricity, by 2pm still no electricity. I can access e-mails via my phone but can't open attachments nor send e-mails with attachments. Feeling very frustrated I dug out the singer hand machine to at least sew the bindings on. The electricity finally came on at 5pm. I was taking DS over to see his cousin so then a mad rush to eat, leaving DH and DS2 at home. This blog post was all planned so I leave you with a collage of my C&G bag.


  1. The best laid plans........ Your bag is going to be beautiful, not that it isn't already :)


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