Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dundee 2012

It seems like months ago now that I traveled up to Dundee for the Quilters Guild AGM and Conference but I haven't blogged about it. It was at the Caird Hall, a fantastic old building that was right in the center of Dundee and a very short walk from the hotel.
This is my last year at the Young Quilters Officer so I was still able to work with the young people who always amaze me with their skill and creativity. On Friday of conference some 14-15 year old girls joined us for a workshop on stitched book covers from a local school.
This  quilt below won first prize in the 10 and under category.I loved the Koala bears that had been printed onto fabric.

Room with a view in the fog! My hotel room did have a stunning view over the Tay road bridge and river but the last morning it was covered in fog so you can't appreciate the view!!

On Saturday after all the workshops had finished I went off to explore Dundee. This statue in the main shopping area was of characters from The Beano, I think this is Desperate Dan.

I was anxious to look round the McManus gallery and Museum and it contained the most amazing, diverse and eclectic mix of things. There was also a coffee shop for afterwards!

There were some displays with artifacts from the 60's and 70's. I remember my mum making these dolls to cover a toilet roll.
This piece of indigo dyed cloth was from the early 20th Century by the Igbo people. It was usually worn as a wrap but could also be used as a wall hanging to indicate the inner sanctum of a lodge. The repeated triangular motif symbolises the spirit of the leopard. The blue was just fantastic but doesn't show up well as the photo was taken without the flash on through glass
As the Conference was in Scotland it started and ended with a traditional Scottish Piper.
 Next year it will be in Nottingham so only a 90 minute journey for me!

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  1. I'm looking forward to next year's AGM at Nottingham although i twould have been fun to have an overnight stay. I was sorry not to get to Dundee as I've never been there so thank you for giving a flavour of the city. My Mum had those toilet roll covers too :-)


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