Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dundee the journey home

This post is a bit photo heavy but I promised to share the train journey home from Dundee. This was taken from the train going over the bridge on the Tay estuary.
 The bridge is very long and curves round. It was a really hot day and the train heaters were on!
 I am always on the look out for lines and this field covered in plastic grabbed my attention.
 With my very poor geographic knowledge I have no idea where I was expect for between Dundee and Newcastle but the train line was right on the coast for some of the journey.
 This was through the train window which is why things look a little hazy.

This was just going onto the Forth Rail Bridge. I remember seeing a Blue Peter presenter painting this many years ago, now I am informed that the red paint lasts for twenty five years.

Love the views but have not idea where this is.
As the train pulled into Newcastle it was just getting dusky. The train lights came on so I was unable to take any more photos due to the reflections. I then got out my knitting for the rest of the journey.
I have been doing a lot of natural dyeing in the past few weeks as well. I have lots of photos to share soon.

Angela x


  1. The ride up the east coast is beautiful beyond Newcastle in particular. Lovely to see your take on it.

  2. I had relations who lived in Newcastle and I completed work experience at the New Tyne Theatre and Opera House. Brilliant week but so so cold.


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