Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dyeing with flowers and cabbage

I found my photos and now Blogger seems to be behaving!A few weeks ago now someone gave me some dead daffodils and some dead hyacinths. I was sure that I could get some colour from them so I wrapped them in some pre-mordanted cotton.
Each stem was wrapped round the cloth.
Finally it all was tied up with string.

It had only been in the pan a few minutes when colour started to come through.
I have also been using red cabbage. Don't you just love the colours and textures when you cut it in half.
I again wrapped some pre-mordanted cotton round a stick found on the beach last Summer and popped it into a pan. I left the cabbage chunks in the water rather than sieving them out to see if it gave me any extra texture.
You can just about see the bundle in the middle of this picture.
At the end, a beautiful blue package to unwrap.
This didn't give me as much texture as I had hoped for. I am now stitching into this cloth. No photos of it yet though.


  1. ooooh blue from red cabbage, must give this a try. I have three pots of daffodils that have just finished flowering so I'm going to give them a go too. It's not daffodil time here yet, still autumn, but I think these must have been forced in a green house.

  2. I.ve been dyeing today but the results were much paler than expected. Am going to try again with some flowers. I,ve got lots of purple irises
    in the garden,thanks for telling us about yours and I look forward to seeing your results


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