Sunday 8 April 2012

Studio Open Day

Yesterday was the studio open day. I had good intentions of blogging last night but collapsed in a heap. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped me and visited me during the course of the day and gave me lots of gifts. I was so touched and really wasn't expecting it.  It was so lovely to see so many friends and to meet some new blog friends as well.
I had lots of cards, you can see the wonderful plant given to me by Lynn and just see the Easter cakes made by Ann.
As I love natural dyeing I did a mini display to share the passion. The piece on the right is stitched with pieces dyed from Logwood and daffodil. In the jars I had daffodil heads, onion skins, rose hips, Logwood chips and marigold flowers. Debbie who visited gave me some madder root to play with. She took lots of photos and has fantastic photographs on her blog here.
The fabric on the left is about two Indigo dyeing days that I will be doing at the studio. I have already filled some places but have spaces on both days - 7th July and 8th September. Please contact me if you would like more information. They will be on the website soon. I am planning lots of exciting things in the studio and will be updating the website really soon (OK DH will be updating the website but the ideas and stitching are all mine)

This is Trudi who blogs as Quilt Prolifically setting up the quilting frame before everyone arrived.
It is very rare that I have my photo taken but Jackie sent me this one (so I thought I would post it). I would love to say I am on the left but that is Rebecca who is already very talented at 17. I am on the right!
Jackie gave me this wonderful sign she has made for the door. It does say open on the reverse but at the end of the day the studio was "closed". I was a very tired but happy bunny!
Now I am going to sit and enjoy these. Whatever you are doing I hope you have a peaceful Easter day.


  1. A very very good day Angela. Didn't know we could fit so many into the space...once the heat of summer has arrived we can spread outside a bit too! Love from your studio buddy x

  2. It was a lovely day; my boys wanted to know when they can come back! (that might be the lure of the kitty cat and lambs though).

    Can I book a place on 4th May for the bunting cake and make? x

  3. Oh wish l lived nearer and could have come and visited. Thanks for visiting my the moment l am just working with babies and children but within the next few weeks....l will be offering adult sessions and course too!!xxkeep in touch x lynda.

  4. Great to 'see' you & so glad you had a good day ;)

  5. Glad you had a good day and hope you have many more.

  6. congratulations on your open day.

  7. I stumbled into your blog. Wish I were there. Your works are inspiring. I love eco print and dyeing. Just exploring and hope to learn more.
    Terrie from Hong Kong

  8. Congratulations Angela. What a fabulous place to work. I'd love to visit if I ever get back to the UK.


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